Molly Bloom 5
a magazine of modern poetry for the online connoisseur

edited by Aidan Semmens

Issue 5 featuring poetry by:

Claire Crowther
Kelvin Corcoran
Anna Stearman
Sheila Hamilton
Mark Young
Peter Riley
Cherry Smyth
David Rushmer
Aidan Semmens
& Giles Goodland

Aidan Semmens, poet, journalist, photographer Aidan

'one of our more ambitious and accomplished poets'

- Simon Smith, poet, senior lecturer in creative writing, University of Kent, former chief librarian at the Poetry Library

Uncertain Measures by Aidan Semmens

Uncertain Measures

Aidan Semmens's third full-length poetry collection is available now from Shearsman Books.

Starting in A Ritual Landscape that ties the industrial heritage of Britain with medieval and prehistoric rituals, it teases out the moral and practical values of our post-industrial, post-Holocaust, post-nuclear age. Or, as Simon Smith says: 'These poems hold objects, history, aesthetics and beauty in a ring of present experience... This is the book for 2014'

Rodney Pybus reviews Uncertain Measures on Litter here

You can purchase Uncertain Measures here

or order it from your local independent bookshop

The Book of Isaac
by Aidan Semmens is available from Parlor Press / Free Verse Editions

'The Book of Isaac is surely one of the most fascinating
books of poetry to be published this year'
- Peter Riley, The Fortnightly Review

'The Book of Isaac is an extraordinary collection of sonnets that explores the Tanakh and its historical and contemporary resonances, travelling through philosophy, ritual, art, peasantry and recent Russian revolutionary history it is a very serious literary achievement, filled with haunting, beautiful lines' Chris Hamilton-Emery

'Semmens writes I have attempted throughout this sequence to honour and continue the post-theistic Jewish tradition of my forebears as well as the aesthetic spirit of the Poets' Cafe. He has accomplished this and more.' Stephan Delbos, BODY


By the North Sea: an anthology of Suffolk poetry

By the North Sea

An anthology of Suffolk poetry
edited by Aidan Semmens

Featuring Algernon Charles Swinburne, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Ann Candler, Anna Laetitia Barbauld, George Crabbe, Robert Bloomfield and Bernard Barton; Andy Brown, Angela Leighton, Tamar Yoseloff, Ronald Blythe, Victor Tapner, Pauline Stainer, John Matthias, Wendy Mulford, Claire Crowther, RF Langley, Andrew Brewerton, Rodney Pybus, Charlotte Geater, Zoë Skoulding, Deryn Rees-Jones, Aidan Semmens, Michael Laskey, Herbert Lomas, Anne Beresford, Will Stone, Richard Caddel and Michael Hamburger.

Get your copy of By The North Sea here - or order it from your local independent bookshop

A Stone Dog, by Aidan SemmensA Stone Dog

Out of the wreckage of The News of World has emerged something of true aesthetic and moral value the poetry of Aidan Semmens... this is a book of poems that demonstrates why poetry is urgent news, an art form that finds its strength and power through revealing ambiguities and opening out the language in 'the difficulty of seeing anything'
Simon Smith, Tears in the Fence

The intelligence of this writing shows in the very word edges, brightly accurate and carefully attentive Peter Riley

Aidan Semmens's debut poetry collection, A Stone Dog, is published by Shearsman Books

In addition to being a published poet and photographer, Aidan Semmens is a freelance journalist whose sports writing has appeared in The Independent, the East Anglian Daily Times and the Ipswich Star.
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